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Deploying package

In order to deploy a package, take a look at this guide.

SPM Registry

All packages are stored on SPM Registry, which is a distributed database running on top of IPFS.


In order to have a clean way of managing SPM packages, SPM Registry defines a certain set of rules that must be followed.

  1. Reserving a package name works by the principle: first one to take.
  2. Each reserved package contains a public key, that is valid for maximum 3 months after the last package update.
  3. Owning a package, means owning a corresponding private key that is used for signing package versions.
  4. Each package version contains a ECDSA signature of the following: <package-name><author><version>.
  5. Owner can extend ownership after two months. If he fails to extend it after 3 months - he loses ownership of the package, than the 1. rule applies.
  6. Package versions can not be changed or modified, you can only publish new ones. This is to ensure the integrity of the package version, and that it has not been tampered with.